[crossfire] Item stacking (was: Map cache)

Anton Oussik antonoussik at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 13:03:44 CDT 2005

On 8/26/05, Brendan Lally <
     brenlally at gmail.com
     > wrote:
      one way of dealing with this might be to check whether the item uses a
      body slot, and make a determination based on that, but it doesn't help
      much with things like books, which probably should stack in that way.
I don't really like junk losing the properties of original junk. Sure,
lying in a pig pile it seems like junk, but you are occisionally able
to extract useful items from piles of things if you look hard enough.
Also if you are keeping a shop you probably would stock a few axes and
would want to be able to sell one axe at a time from the stock you

As for things spilling over to neighbouring squares it makes sense, as
there is only so high you can make a stack (the cieling being a
natural limit), after which things have to spill over to adjecent
space. But when that should happen is a complete mystery to me, and I
can't think of a nice way of doing this vesides introducing a "volume"
property to every item, and restrict players by volume as well as
weight, and restrict squares by volume.

Volume brings up the question of how big are things? Outside towns one
square is one mile. Inside a town one square is half a building or a
small house. Inside a building one square is somewhere between the
size of a ring and the size of a dragon. This is not a complaint or
anything like that, stylised representation of items is needed for
playability and works very well, but it still leaves the question of
how big things are and how many of them you can put on one tile.


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