I'm putting Slack back on my desktop, and I have a MS Intellimouse
optical.  When I set the mouse to /dev/mouse, the pointer in x goes crazy.
 Same if I set it to /dev/psaux.  Some additional info:  I'm running a SB
GeForce2 (GB0010) video card, and I set it up to use the Nvidia GeForce
driver.  Am I using the correct video driver, and what device do I point
the mouse to?  Oh, the mouse works fine with /dev/mouse with gpm started
at bootup.  The mouse is connected to a ps/2 connection.  Under RH, the
mouse was /dev/psaux.
  With the video card, I've read some of the postings on the nvidia open
source drivers, but not all.  I also looked at the driver webpage, but
IIRC, weren't people running into issues with the drivers?

  The lp issues I'm having are with an HP box running 11.x.  If I use the
following command:

lp -obin3 -olandscape -oa -ofCourier -ofp14 -d<printer name>

  I run into some issues.  It's going to a 4050 printer with a third tray
added to it, it doesn't pull from the third tray.  Also, the -obin3
options has permissions issues.  As a user, it doesn't work.  But as root,
the -obin3 option works, but won't pull from the tray 3.  I beieve I'm
using the correct print options, however I wouldn't put much to it. 
Anyone have some insight into this?

  I also have a Yamaha IDE CD-RW.  Under RH, it came up as cdrom1.  Under
Slack, I'm assuming I need to create the device?  I didn't see any other
cdrom listed in the /dev directory.  Will I also need to enable the scsi
emulation?  Perhaps, I need to go see if there is a HOW-TO for more info.